Rules of Bloodfin

Subject to Change, they are STILL being REVISED. Thank You

Bloodfin Rules 

No Harassment of players or staff. 

Harassment includes griefing players, name calling, personal attacks.

Racist or Homophobic Vulgarities of any sort are grounds for suspension.

Harassment of Staff is grounds for immediate suspension.

Do not intentionally tell a player to /dec just to get them to fight you (not all players are aware that that means /declare and engages them into pvp)

No threatening of anyone in game or out of game in real life.
Selling or exchanging of items, credits, accounts, toons, leveling of toons, for any form of Real life currency is not allowed.

We ask that you keep your jump, blink spam ect down to a 5 second timer.

If you are asked by a staff member to please stop what you are doing then please stop.

There should be absolutely NO sexual talk, texts, mailings, photos, comments, of any nature.

Use of 3rd party programs and hacks are strickly forbidden.

Any modification of game files is strictly prohibited. (including the user.cfg )

Do not give out real life personal information about anyone.

We are NOT responsible for lost or deleted items. We will NOT replace items lost due to you deleting it.

If you are in middle of crafting and server lags out, and or you feel begins to drop, PLEASE try and take a SS of the crafting window. We WILL replace schematics with SS of crafting window during a crash.

No Fight Clubbing for FRS or GCW

(Illegially gaining force rank or GCW by killing your own toon, or friends toon, over and over for rank in the system.) Your ranks will be removed from you to Rank 1

Squad Leaders in PVP MUST be OVERT, and PARTICIPATING and NOT hiding in a house, or bottom of cave., or where ever else you wanna hide them.

ONLY 1 Faction Droid is allowed out at a time during PVP battle. If you are asked by staff to put the 2nd one away if you have 2 out and you do not, they will KILL IT.

Privately made chat channels. Enter at your own risk. You have the option of leaving and ignoring people. Please just follow the rules of no racism, sexual harassment, no threatening of people, in these channels.

Kill Stealing

SWG is an open world game.  The player that out DPSs the others gets the kill.  There will be no resetting of instances, no replacement of objects that may or may not have been lost.  Get a bigger group and out DPS the farmers.

There are to be ZERO advertisements in Galaxy Chat

First offense will get you frozen and an email sent to your account informing you of the infraction, Second offense gets you frozen and moved to a quiet secluded place. 3rd offence gets you a 24 hour account suspension.

Announcements in spatial chat should have a /pause 900 in them so as not to clutter the chat channel. 

1st offense gets you frozen and an email   sent to explain the infraction.   2nd offense gets you frozen and moved to a secluded location, 3rd offense gets you a 24 hour account suspension.

Cheating, hacking, use of 3rd party cheat tool are grounds for immediate account suspension, inventory wipe and possible account ban. (includes altering game client files)

Bounty Hunting- Bounty Hunts NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE PERIOD. This includes Squad Leaders.

The rule for BH vs Jedi and outside heals(Blue Healing) is as follows: (this has been the rule since Bloodfin has gone live btw) PvP overrules all. If you are a BH and are one on one with a Jedi, no outside heals are allowed. If there is PvP happening, and you attack your mark, because there is PvP happening, outside heals are allowed. If you are one on one and there are outside heals the healers will be frozen until the mission is complete. If caught doing it again a punishment will be issued to the healer.
⦁ Triple Incap. Bounty Hunters can NOT triple Incap a Jedi. Jedi can triple incap Jedi.

The punishment rules apply to BH fights and Blue Heals as well.  1st offence 24 hour account suspend, 2nd offence 7day account suspend and the 3rd time you’re caught your fate is in the hands of the dev team.

Social Media – Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Since social media is where most new players are going to learn about Bloodfin and all of it’s perks and charms the main pages will be heavily moderated.  No one wants to play on a server that looks like its full of trolls and infighting.

  1. Social Media (Facebook, Discord) will be moderated.  Posts that are deemed inappropriate will be locked and or deleted depending on severity.
  2. There are to be no personal attacks on social media outlets.  Again, posts that are deemed inappropriate will be locked and or deleted depending on content.
  3. The same rules apply to social media that apply to the game.   1st offense, 24 hour account suspend.  2nd offense 7 day account suspension, 3rd offense and your account is in the hands of the developers.. minimum 30 day suspension up to full account ban.

General Rules

  1. In the Star Wars Universe, there is only the Force, both light and dark side, George Lucas never mentioned Islam, Christianity, Jew, Gentile, nor Santa Claus. Lets keep our religions, and politics out of a game where we go to immerse ourselves in fantasy and keep them where they belong, in our hearts and minds in the real world.
  2. Staff shall be treated with the same respect when they post on forums/facebook/discord as if they were in game.
  3.  If you are asked by a staff member to please stop what you are doing then please stop.

Bugs and Investigations

Please do not go around accusing people and or guilds of cheating, or hacking. If you would like to have a guild, or person investigated, please submit a report. Take screenshots and or video along with a detailed report describing what the issue is to or and an investigation will be opened immediately into this issue. Staff does not like to see accusations being flung back and forth that hold no merit, and there is no need for it, so please follow the protocol.

The most important thing we need to investigate ANY of these infractions is a screenshot from you showing a clear shot of the combat log and if possible and image of the infraction.  Without a screenshot we can’t do anything with the complaint.

Game Accounts

You are responsible for having a legitimate Original copy of SWG Client to play with. Each account must have a copy of the cd’s to be able to play.

One account per IP unless a written request is sent into the email explaining why it is needed, and providing proof of another set of discs.

Attention Guild Leaders. Guild Masters can apply for a Guild account. This account can have 2 characters your Ent and Doc. Any other toons on the account will be banned with no access to them, or anything they may have owned. You must provide who will have access to these accounts so when IP checks are done we know they are allowed access to it. This also protects you as a Guild in case someone gets access to the account that should not have it

No offensive names will be allowed that includes Toons, Guilds, Houses, items that are visible to public. (No name abbreviations for Guilds that are offensive, or vulgar,. No sexual reference of any kind in toon name, guild name, or house name. Please no Guild abbreviations towards any specific religion, beliefs, or groups)

No one shall name their toon in an attempt to impersonate a Staff member nor insult a Staff member (Do not pretend to be a Staff member in any situation, in game, facebook, or discord)

Account sharing is done at your own risk, while we do not support this, YOU are responsible for any actions done while they are on your account, including if the account receives a ban. No items will be returned either if lost, damaged or broken.

Punishment Schedule:

1st infraction of any sort, proven by screenshot evidence, earns you 24 hour full account suspension

2nd infraction of any sort, proven by screenshot evidence, earns you  7 day full account suspension

3rd infraction of any sort, proven by screenshot evidence leaves your account in the hands of the developers.  A MINIMUM 30 day account suspension leading all the way to full account ban can be expected if you reach a 3rd infraction.