Patch Notes

Patch Notes 10/19/2019

Fixed Mando Leg Schematic Drop

Fixed Halloween Loot

Added Decoration Trophies

Added Bone Component to Scythe

Added 6th Generation Lightsaber Schematic to Bloodfin

Added Infinity Rifle to Bloodfin

Added Infinity Mace to Bloodfin

Korriban is now live

Sith Emperor Ragnos now live on Korriban

Transport to Korriban outside Cnet, Theed, Mos Eisley

Sith Ghost Halloween Event now live

Patch 10/11/2019

Added Agripa Bracelets to Sher Kar

Patch Notes 10/3/2019

Fixed Raptor Babies

Droid Factory Enabled

Patch Notes 10/2/2019

Added Tameable Raptor Spawn

Fixed Droid Factory Teleport Cell Number

Modified Lightning mod for PvP Reduction

Patch Notes 9/21/19

Adjusted CH Ring Stats

Fixed CH Necklace & Adjusted Stats

Lowered trash mob level Avatar

Increased timer on spawns trash mobs in Avatar

Added Named Crystals to HK-47 Loot Group

Droid Factory Mobs Added

Updated Memorial outside Cnet

Added Peaches Belt to Avatar Boss Loot

Patch Notes 9/19/2019

Force Lightning dmg increased vs PVE Mobs

Force Lightning in pvp, slight dmg reduction

Gorax CH Pets

HK47 Makes his return

Patch Notes 9/16/2019

added more Peko Peko Spawns Naboo

added more Gorax Spawns Endor

fixed junk loot to now include Bloodfin Coins

adjusted Acklay spawn timer again

adjusted FC on lightning

moved Hand Spawn from New Aldera to Restuss

added Poison to Force Choke

Droid Boss returns to Echo Base his vacation has been revoked

Patch Notes 9/14/2019

AM patch..

Defender tweak

PM Patch..

Added Stats to Interplanetary Survey Droids

(the stats will show up in the mail, which you can then save, and upload the mail to Galaxy Harvester)

(code reworked from RougeOne)

Patch Notes 9/13/2019

Force Lightning Damage Increase / and force cost

Force weaken nerfed (duration shortened and slightly reduced)

Force Choke now has disease tick

Force Cloak goes away now in combat when taking damage (Master Ranger Cloak as well)

Jedi Defender are now a true tank (dont try to wear armor, your damage will be increased by factor of 1000)

Force heals using to much force has been lowered

Patch notes 9/7/2019

Bumped stats on New Jedi Robes

Patch Notes 9/5/2019

Added tier levels to player Bounty Reward

Patch Notes 9/4/2019

Added loot item to Player Bounty

Aug 27, 2019

-Permafrost Crystal to replace Vergence Crystal. You will have to exchange your Vergence crystals for Permafrost Crystals with a Staff Member. Submit a ticket to do an equal exchange. (ex.. 3 Vergence for 3 Permafrost)

-New loot groups that are on bosses in Avatar have the chance of dropping the following…

-Weapon Schematics

GEO Rifle Schematic

GEO Carbine Schematic

Rebel Pistol Schematic

Rifle J1 Schematic

-Backpack Schematics

S07 Backpack Schematic

Sandtrooper Backpack Schematic

Rebel Endor Backpack Schematic

-Buffing Rings

Doc Bands

T1 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T2 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T3 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T1 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T2 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T3 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T1 Doc Band – PVE

T2 Doc Band – PVE

T3 Doc Band – PVE

Ent Bands

T1 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T2 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T3 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T1 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T2 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T3 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T1 Ent Band – PVE

T2 Ent Band – PVE

T3 Ent Band – PVE

Jedi Robes

Revan Robes

GCW Rebel Jacket

GCW Imperial Jacket

Starforge Robes

Atris Robe

Jedi Armor Chest 2

Jedi Armor Chest

Jedi Belt


-New Loot Group to Banshee Boss has chance to drop the following…


Roses Crossbow


Darth Vader Statuette

Painting Jedi Crest

Painting Darth Vader

Medical Table

Princess Lea Statuette

Painting Jedi Forms

Drink Dispenser

-Toon Fun Assesories

Wings Blue

Wings Pink

Wings Gold

-Minstyngars make their return

-Acklay Timer now set at 1hr

-Sher Kar makes return

-Crystal and Pearl Tuning fixed

-Kashyyk Cloner now in Kachiro – you MUST store clone dada there for it to work -readded missing paintings

-NEW Vet Rewards Vendor in Corellia. (all vet rewards not currently obtainable by other vendors / drops can be found on him. NO resource deeds, or Anti decay kits)

-Naboo structures can now be placed on Kashyyyk (not gardens)

Aug 24, 2019

Mobs now in Nova Orion

Mobs now in Avatar

Added Player Bounty System

Lowered City Maintenance

Removed broken painting from Obi-Wan Welcomer

Fixed Twilek hats to be worn by both male / female toons

Added colors to the following armor


-clone trooper (Imperial, Neutral, Rebel)

-Rebel Assault

-Rebel Snow

-Singing Mountain Clan



-Zam Wesell

Aug 16, 2019

Injection of Dungeons..

Nova Orion (No mobs to kill yet)

Avatar (No mobs to kill yet)

added No Build zone around Thiel

added Nightsister Elders to Thiel Encounter

fixed 2 bosses on ISD

Aug 12, 2019

Mission Terminals will now show Level you can choose

Mission Terminals will now show Name of Mob to kill

Multiple Holo Costumes package added to Echo Base Mob

Removed Group Teleport from instances

Force Choke Removed from NPC Mobs

Emperor Hand XP Removed (GCW XP)

Injection of the following dungeons




(These are not available yet for killing mobs, within 24 hrs they will be.)

*Thank you to Tarkins-Revenge, and Legend of Hondo for base code for missions, with tweaking they now work on Bloodfin*

Aug 7, 2019

Dungeon Injections Began

Dungeons now live are

Axkva Min

IG – 88

Force Choke has been reduced

Aug 4, 2019

PvP Death Kill Broadcast

Disabled PvP Endor Zone

July 29, 2019 Missing Tre Files

Here are missin tre files again for those who need them. Exit all game clients. Download. Unzip. Put into your Bloodfin folder. Hit yes to overwrite if it wants you too.

July 19, 2019 Soft Launch of Bloodfin Phoenix