Patch Notes

Patch 9/11/2021

— Korriban Vendor has returned from vacation

— Donator Vendor additions
— Elite Chem Harvesters
— Elite Gas Harvesters
— Planet Corellia
— Planet Imperial
— Planet Naboo
— Planet Privateer
— Planet Rebel
— Planet Rori
— Planet Talus
— Planet Tatooine

— Donator Vendor Series 2 Paintings have been activated

— PVP Tokens have returned
— (new Vendor next weekend)

— lowered buffs from buff terms slightly

— update to a few Guild Transitpilots

— PVE mob upgrade

— PvP zone on Tatooine now enabled(WIP please provide feedback)

— Elite Gas Harvester fix

Patch Notes 6/5/2021

Tre 3 -2021

–Fixed long-standing bug of red saber blades in 6th gen sabers
(pike saber still red but all other 6th gens will display proper color.)
–Inserted code to randomize the saber colors for NPC JEDI

–Addition of the Elite Chemical Harvester

There is a TRE update associated with this patch so be sure to restart your launcher!

Patch Notes 4/22/2021

— Fixed GM2 Status

— Theed / Bestine Invasions reworked slightly to NOT have the bosses despawn (TY Kaare)

— Rogue
–5% increase to LS cap on Imperial Prototype PSG (Will need to craft new PSGs)

–5% reduction to saber damage in PvP

–Slight increase to miss chance (All Classes)

–Increase to Blinded State acc penalty (All Classes)

— All Lightning skills standardized to 45m range

–Force Intim 1 chance increased

–Force Intim 2 range increased slightly

–State chance adjustments on Carbineer FullAutoSingle2 and FullAutoCone2

–Flame Thrower skills lowered to 35 meter range

–All Force Lightning FC increased slightly

–All FireLightning (LLC) skills multis raised and range set to 64 meters

–MultiTargetPistolShot (Pistoleer Master Box) Set to AOE 20m range with blind

–LS Cap on Armor raised slightly

–callMountTask set to 5 seconds outside of city.

Patch Notes 4/15/2021

–Global boost to saber damage in PvP
–Saber Block moved back to previous number (raised slightly, was lowered by mistake last patch)
–Saber 1h Hit3 multi raise slightly
–Saber 1h Head Hit 1/2/3 lowered slightly
–Saber 2h Hit3 multi reduced slightly
–Saber 2h Body Hit 1/2/3 multi increased slightly
–Saber Polearm Hit3 multi reduced slightly
–Saber Polearm Leg Hit 1/2/3 multi raised slightly
–PC Down removed from Saber 1h Combo Hit 2
–PC Down fixed on Saber Throw 1
–Revamp to PvP damage hard caps (slight reduction to most weapon types)
–Strangulation multiplier reduced by 1
–Force Intim 1&2 FC raised slightly
–Force Lightning Single 1&2 FC raised slightly
–Force Lightning Cone 1&2 FC raised slightly
–Total Heal FC raised slightly
–Saber FC Hard Floor raised to 5
–Heal States Self and Other FC raised slightly
–Heal All Self/Other 1/2 FC normalized with other skills
–Melee 2H Head Hit 1 multi raised slightly
–Melee 2h Head Hit 2/3 multi reduced slightly
–Head Shot 1 multi raised slightly
–Head Shot 2/3 multi lowered slightly
–Unarmed Head Hit multi lowered slightly
–Last Ditch multi reduced by 1
–Orbital Strike max hit reduced to 1500
–Attempted fix for Heat Boss damage trial #1
(plz let Rogue or Roses know how he hits now)
–Elite Gas Schems should now be placeable and function as intended.
(If you already have a crafted deed you will need to send in a ticket for a trade in.
You MUST posses a crafted deed to recieve a replacement. Uncrafted schematics are not
— Trandoshans can now wear some Wookie clothes
–Significant increase to Yellow, Exceptional, and Legendary Modifiers
— Temporary Buff terms in Eisley, Bespin, Courascant
(these are temp until we come up with a more permanent solution and numbers)
— turned off Sycotick Broker until I fix his stubborn ass

Patch Notes 4/8/2021

–Fix for Infinity Rifle Schematic
–Lava Cannon now works with flamer thrower skills

Patch Notes 4/1/2021

Tre -2 -2021

— Rogue
–SL skills now invalid while cloaked.
(We are watching for exploits of the invis bug on this one)
–Torso Shot fire DoT reduced
–Torso Shot now only works with pistol equipped
–Strangulation multiplier reduced by 1
–Pistol Whip 1 & 2 now only work with RANGED weapon equipped
–Force Choke tick increased from 500/550 to 800/850
–Mind Blast Two from 1250/1500 to 1500/1750
–Mind Blast One from 750/1000 to 1000/1250
–Mind Blast One and Two state chance and duration increased
–Slight increase to Saber Block
–Increase to multipliers for Dervish, Frenzy, Flurry, and Phantom LS attacks
–Increase to state chances and duration for Dervish, Frenzy, Flurry, and Phantom LS attacks
NEW ITEMS on the New Tony Boss Mob, will be released upon TRE Deployment to all of you
–Elite Gas Harvester Schematic
–New Heavy Weapon Schematic
— Roses
Tre —
— edited credits
— fixed broken resource names
— Guardsman
— Adjusted amount of Trandoshan Rifle Schematic on Blackmarket Exchange Vendor
— added some GUILD Transports
— tweaks to mobs in various caves
— Alderaa pvp zone (work in progress, please send feedback to Guardsman)

Patch Notes 3/1/2021


— Tre work (for upcoming)

— Edited Credits

— fixed resource names that were broken

— added Tony painting

— Heat is now a boss (bring friends he hurts)

— Wampa Cave has returned

— Kashyyyk Rodian Dungeon has returned

— DWB Mobs have had an overhaul – collaboration with Geezer / Guardsman

— groundwork for future new dungeons

— future content groundwork


— Guild Transit Droid

— Jedi Robes have had stats adjusted to match Artis ect..

— New Boss in DWB — Collaboration with Geezer


— Tre work (for upcoming tre)

— new items for Boss Mob

— harvesters

Patch Notes for 2/10/2021

— Rogue

— BH TEF fix

— BH Spy fixes round one

— Force Shield added to all instances of shield commands including Agripas

— Vibrolance Name bug fixed

— Checked all subcomponent values and readjusted where necessary

— Guardsman


— Update/adjustment to Moraband cave.

— Mustafar maybe a little more dangerous..

— Operation Skirmish.

— Collaboration with Geezer on dungeon upgrades and adjustments for better gameplay and an ongoing anti-stale campaign

— Roses

— tre work for upcoming tre

Patch Notes 1/29/2021

— Rogue

— Bacta Jab no longer useable if incapped

— Slight reduction to lightning damage in PvP

— Slight increase to lightning force cost

— Round One buff to force Choke

— Damage and use count increased on Geo Sword Cores

— Minor bug fixes

— Guardsman
— Adjustments to new dungeon version 3

— Master Politician can also now be found on Naboo, and Tattoine

— 4 Random Graul Marauders now on Dantooine

— Roses
— fixed Vet Reward Vendor item

— more work to new boss coming

Patch Notes 1/20/2021

— Rogue
–New Mando Knuckler Schematic crafting formula buff

–Check added for stun baton in PvP caps (untested)

–Preliminary work for next update

— Guardsman
— Adjustments to new dungeon after reviewing the following: …interrupted communication from cave security.. Guards ineffective and morale low..send reinforcements… And FAST!!! We are being overun.. Bring more pain!!!

— Roses
— preliminary work for a Special World Boss

Patch Notes 1/16/2021

Tre – 1 – 2021


— Pike Saber now usable at xx44 LS actually put in.


— New Schematics for pikeman and TK in for new dungeon


— All looted weapon sub components buffed and use counts adjusted

— Guardsman

— There is a new dungeon out there…… but don’t think it’s going to be a piece of pikatta pie, I’ve seen it first hand and tackle it alongside a few old and new friends… Good luck and see you in the cloner… G

— Roses

— End of Thanksgiving Event

— Series 1 paintings back for Donator Vendor

Patch Notes 1/6/2021

–Fire KD for Carbineer state chance adjusted

–Confusion Shot for Carbineer state chance adjusted

–Slight DPS increase for TK (same as last patch for Pikeman)

–PC down removed from Saber Slash

— PC down chance increased for Saber 1h Combo hit

–Pike Saber now useable at xx44 LS

–Treasure Map loot group tweaks

–Attempt 1 Avatar Fix (door terminal)

Patch Notes 12/29/2020


–Small DPS Increase for Pikemen
–Huge increase to Force Cure Poison heal amount
–Slight decrease to Force Cure Disease heal amount

–All looted armor components now drop in useable stack sizes
–Slight tweak to the DWS Boss loot


— Adjusted LEGO modifiers slightly higher (this will continue to be monitored and adjusted if need be)

— fixed a Guild Droid

— Tusken invasion has gone away

Patch Notes for 12/23/2020

— Force Shield 1 to 50%
— Force Shield 2 to 70%
— Timers on all Force Lightning skills raised slightly
— GCD Removed from Channel Force

— All class D Buffs now only require one blood to craft

— Boba Fett added to Memorial outside Cnet

Patch Notes 12/11/2020

— minor tweaks to powers

— 2H DoT weapon implemented

— CoB no longer works with a saber equipped

— adjustment to yellow / exceptional / legendary drop chances (we are keeping our eye on this and will adjust again if necessary)

— added Darth Vader to Memorial outside CNET

— added Tony’s Memorial character to CNET


— Guild Droid added

Patch Notes 11/24/2020

— Force Intim 1 & 2 roll chance increased
— Force KD 1, 2, & 3 roll chance increased slightly
— Force Lightning Cone 1 & 2 Slight Damage Tweak
— Force Lightning Cone 1 & 2 FC reduced further
— Force Lightning Cone 1 & 2 Speed Reduced
— Force Lightning Single 1 & 2 FC Reduced further
— Force Lightning Single 1 & 2 Speed reduced
— Saber Force Cost Floor 2nd attempt (Untested)
— Non Jedi Heal States time reduced
— Janta Hides now always drop in useable stack sizes

Patch Notes 11/19/2020

— Wielder Revamp round one. All Wielder skills FC reduced
— Force Feedback reflect value reduced
— Brawler skills no longer work with Lightsaber
— Non Jedi heals delay reduced by 1/2
— Gurk King Hide uses changed from 1-10 to 3-12
— Powerup uses increased from 100 to 150
— Saber FC floor set to 4 (not tested)
— Untested cap for CM packs in PvP

— Bloodfin Politician Trainer has returned
— Crash report to Dev Team
— Mos Espa invasion be careful
— Tatooine Boss Mob roaming about
— Iceworms have invaded Hoth for winter
— Halloween dungeon has ended

Patch Notes 11/11/2020

— Drain Force removed from GCD and given an individual CD.
Currently set at 200 every 5 seconds

— Turkey Farm has returned

— adjusted Peko Peko Spawn

Last week with Halloween Dungeon

Patch Notes 11/4/2020

— Talus Prison has returned – have fun!

— Slight increase in drop rate of Legendaries
(it was never turned off just turned to an extremely extremely low drop rate, it has now been increased, and the team will monitor for any other tweaks necessary to get to a balanced level)

Patch Notes 11/2/2020

— adjustment to Force Drain

— adjustment to Force Drain Cooldown

Patch Notes 10/28/2020

–Jedi PvE Boost Round 1 (TESTED WORKING)

–Force Drain tweak Round 1

–Slight reduction to Jedi Toughness in PvP ONLY

–Slight reduction to Saber Block

Patch Notes 10/21/2020

— CM DoT effectiveness and potency capped in PvP, values intended to remain unchanged in PvE

— Jedi PvE Boost round one. Jedi DPS substantially increased in PvE ONLY

Patch Notes 10/15/2020

— Halloween Dungeon

Patch Notes 10/14/2020

— 1st fix for weapon/armor damage numbers (these can and will be tweaked if needed)
Thank You Rogue in collaboration with Guardsman and Roses

Patch Notes 9/10/2020

— 3 new dungeons have been implemented (NOT Populated yet)

— 3 toons can now be online

— rewrote a few lines in the welcome box for new toons

Patch Notes 7/19/2020

— Check house item limits

— Donator Token Painting now on Series 6

— Special loot item for Tony’s Memorial Service

— New Event Loot added for events

— Special 1 yr Anniversary Item

— Teleporter from CNET, and Theed to Heat’s Memorial (Guardsman’s 1st code ever)

— Happy 1yr Anniversary Bloodfin Phoenix

— 11 toons can now be created on your account

— 3 toons can now be online at a time

Patch Notes 6/30/2020

— Korriban Pilot fixed

— LS Resist should be fixed on some armor missing it Coruscant Vendor

— Adjusted some Staff titles to go with restructure of Staff

— Added more Guardians to Tony’s Memorial

Patch Notes 6/27/2020

— Tonys Memorial Added on Naboo

— Bestine Invasion has returned

— Theed Invasion has returned

— Lightsaber Resist added to new armor from Coruscant Vendor

— Fixed Helm Schematic from Coruscant Vendor

— Coruscant Vendor Schematics now 5 uses instead of 1

Patch Notes 6/18/2020

— Banshee Cave revamped

— Donator Token Series 5 Paintings

— Adjustment to some loot tables

— Added in Imperial and Rebel Armor Vendors on Coruscant

— Imperial Scout Armor Schematics

— Imperial Shock Armor Schematics

— Rebel Assault Armor Schematics

— Rebel Battle Armor Schematics

— City Specializations

Sample Rich

— sample size

— sample rate

Manufacturing Center

— assembly

— experimentation

Medical Center

— medical rating

— entertainer

Research Center

— experimentation

— sample size

— sample rate

Entertainment District

— entertainer

— medical rating


— defense

— missions note to all inquiring about the renaming of some stuff, please know some needs to be renamed via tre files, so when we have a tre file ready to deploy we will try to include these name changes then, thank you

Patch Notes 5/22/2020

— Fixed Broken Jakku PvP Buff Terms

— Added PvP Buff terms to Endor PvP Zone

— Guild Droid Adjustments

Patch Notes 5/21/2020

— Last Ditch Damage lowered

— Lightsaber 1Hhit3 2Hhit3 Polearmhit3 Damage upped

— Animal Attack Dizzy duration extended

— Jedi MindTrick (WarCry) duration extended

— Force Lighting Single and Cone 2 damage increased FC lowered Range lowered

— Heal all other 1 HAM heal amount upped slightly

— Enhance poison resist B and C stats slightly increased

— Throw Grenade damage slightly upped

— Force Cure Poison and Disease hopefully better

— Ithorians now added to Ent Props

Patch Notes 5/11/2020

– Fixed a few Guild Droids

– Increased House Storage

– Instruments should now be usable by all races

– Series 4 of Paintings on Donator Vendor now live

– Decreased Training Costs $$

– Force Armor 1/2 both upped 5% to 30/50 and Param costs Lowered

– Jedi Toughness how it works increased 5%

– Force Weaken 1/2 timer increased and stats reduced

– Saber Throw 1 has a posture down

Patch Notes 4/23/2020

Changed Paintings to Series 3 on Donator Vendor

Added 3 new Options for Donator Vendor for Harvesters

3 Ore

3 Flora

3 Mining

Guild Droids updated and or added Round 2

lowered root, damage again for Pistolwhip 1 & 2

lowered dizzy, snare, health state again for Underground Explosion 1 & 2

Force cure poison heal cost upped

total heal other adjusted ability upped,

FC lowered total heal self adjusted ability upped,

FC lowered force throw 2 chance and duration adjusted

Patch Notes 4/13/2020

Cnet Patrol Update City Invasions

Pistol Whip adjusted – root / dizzy lowered

Underground Explosion adjusted – snare lowered

BactaJab adjusted – action lowered

Round 1 of Guild Droids added / fixed

Patch Notes 3/25/2020

Bespin Goodie Vendor

– Cloud Car ITV

– Paintings

– Rugs

– Plain Furniture

fixed typo Vet Reward Vendor

Added Mike’s Memorial CNET Memorial

Weg Transport Droid fixed again

NPC Cnet Patrol

Increased Max Lightsaber Pike Damage

Patch Notes 3/19/2020

Restart your launchers

Bespin Cloud City

– 2 new Dungeons

– Quest that begins in CNET with Information Broker Sycotik

– New LightSaber Pike Schematic to Bespin dungeon bosses
– Adjusted Blue Milk

– Adjusted Aitha

– added Bio Engineer points to GCW Tactics

– added Badge for Master Spy – added Starport Travel to

– Bespin

– Jakku

– Moraband

– Changed Space Launch entry point Corellia Space

– Mike’s Tribute Painting (we miss you buddy)

a HUGE thank you to Amim, and Ryn for your amazing decorating skills in the Bespin Cantina, and Vendor Mall. You guys rocked it out!

3-11-2020 Patch Notes

– Aitha Filling reduced to 5 to 7

– Blue Milk Filling reduced to 10 to 15

– CripplingShot multu upped to 6.0

– Strangulation multi upped to 7.0 poison removed Dizzy removed for Intim with short duration Blind added as well as Stun.

– Bacta jab now has a ten sec cooldown and no longer heals mind

– Corellia jtl launch coords adjusted

– Donator Vendor has NEW items, and the paintings have been rotated to Series 2 for 3 new ones

– Spy now added to Character Respec Token

Patch Notes 3-5-2010

– Spy profession added along with new spy abilities and commands

-Drag from Shadows decloak ability added to Bounty Hunter investigation 4 tree

-Feign Death now works as intended

-Fixed Droid Factory Mobs and End Boss

-Skill Buff Looted Stims duration raised to 15 min

– Faction Scanner and Minefields —Condition Lowered

— Dish and Block Turrets Condition Raised


Patch Notes 2-20-2020


– Group size increased to 40

– House signs had length increased

– Guild Transport Droid

Zen – changed

REB – changed

WEG – added

– Donator Vendor and all his 1st set of items

– Donator Locations in



Mos Eisley

– moved Jedi Trainers over some in CNET

– moved decorations in CNET over some

– moved Papa Leone a few feet

– moved Exar Exchange a few feet

– fixed Memorial outside CNET

– fixed Banshee Boss Dungeon

– Choke adjusted — min / max damage lowered , fc lowered, and dot disease / poison removed

Patch Notes 2-12-2020

-Guild Transpilot Droids Added







-Executioners hack takes 1 geo sword core now

-Mandalorian 1 handed is now Cold damage

-Sabers Hit 3 for 1H,2H,Pole upped to 5.25 multi

-Drain Force has been slowed down 1 sec moreNew Boss added and loot (opens 7pm tonight)

New Boss added and Loot

2 handed sixth gen lightsaber

elite harvestors

Patch Notes 1-12-2020


Increased drop rate Locked Containers again

Fixed Axkva Min Exit Droid

Renamed Painting that was wrong

Fixed item on a vendor that was broke

Vet Reward Vendor added CNET

Dev Team

-Med packs A,B,C poison resist upped slightly (sorry Cm’s)

-Heal States Self Fc upped slightly

-Force Resist States lowered the stat

-Heal Mind Action Health 1/2 force cost upped

-Heal All self 1 force cost upped

-Heal All Self 2 Heal Amount Lowered

-Force Drain now at 2 sec (drains for 300)

-Total Heal Self and Other went back to Old BF flat cost roughly 300 and 600

-Foce Choke tick reduced

-SaberHit3 for 1H 2H and Pole Multi upped to 5.0 (yes hits harder the Dervish2/Phantom/Flurry2)

-2H Executioners Hack stats upped alot

-Dish Turret Large Damage upped

-Block Turret Large damage lowered as well as range

-Reduced the cert on looted saber schems to tier 4 boxes

-Force Feedback Absorb 1 FC upped to 100

-Force Feedback Absorb 2 Fc upped to 150 duration dropped to 30 sec

-Force Lighting single 2 FC lowered added Acc

-Force Lighting Cone 2 added Acc

-Force Armor 1/2 Param upped 1%

Patch notes 12-27-2019

Dev Roses

– Fixed Agripas Bracelets to be worn by all now

– Fixed Instruments to be usable by all now

– Fixed Name of new Painting –

– Fixed Locked Container Loot Group & added to more bosses

– Finally added Chewbacca to Memorial outside CNET

– Fixed Imperial Crusader Bicep R on Korriban Vendor

Patch Notes 12-26-19

Nexxus crushes it baby

Nexxus tre notes:

-Custom commands now display icons and descriptions and can be viewed in the corresponding skill boxes. (Player no longer has to make their own button/macro)

-removed 5 saber block from master lightsaber, added 5 saber block to xxx1

-removed 5 toughness from master lightsaber, added 5 toughness to xxx2

-added 10 polearm toughness to master pikeman

-fixed a typo I made 2 years ago for blind defense in master defender box. The +1 blind defense will now work and display properly


From inside the crashed ISD comes a new threat to the region…go to the middle of the Carbon Ridge ship graveyard if you dare

AMME droid schematic loot drop

6th gen Jakku 1 handed saber schematic drop

AMEE explained—-

she is usable by anyone..but she wont just slaughter anything you tell her to attack..she is a true companion..and a state machine..the strongest droid ever created for use by players ever..another Bloodfin first.

Patch Notes 12-19-19

– Christmas Quest now live look for Santa on Naboo

– Scyth blade stats upped acid damage

– Executions Hack stats upped AP heavy

– Total Heal Self/Other FC reduced slightly

– Force Armor 1 Force Shield 1 duration increase to 30 min

– All new PSG’s crafted have the Special Protection crafting values min/max increased by 5.

Patch Notes 12-13-19

Stun Baton AP upped to light

Vibro Axe Ap upped to Heavy

Vibro Lance AP upped to Medium

FWG5 Stats upped Scatter Pistol Stats upped

EE3 Carbine AP upped to Medium

Heat switch to Blast and Stats upped

GEO Carb Ranged lowered to 50 and stats upped

Elite Carb Stats uppped

DX2 Pistol stats upped

DE-10 Stats upped

Tusken Rifle Stats upped

Berserker Rifle Stats upped

T21 Rifle Stats upped

LLC AP upped to Medium

Jawa Rifle Stats upped Range lowered to 55

Geo Pistol AP upped to Light

Rocket launcher Heavy Lightning and Heavy particle Beam range upped to 96

Base Turrets Dish and Block resists reworked

Dish Turrets changed to Electric damage

Proton Grenades use upped to 10

Force Armor Param Tweak

Jedi Toughness Beefing slightly reduced

This patch is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Enjoy everyone!

Patch Notes 11/11/19


-Last Ditch multi and acc raised

-Torso Shot multi and acc raised

-Wookie Roar added Dizzzy and KD

-FC increased on Cure Poison and Disease Heal All Self 1 and 2 Heal mind 1

-Enhanced Disease Resist Buffs B and C Duration increased

-Force Resist States Lowered

-Drain Force increased to 300 and default time increased to 4 sec

-Force Intimidate 2 AOE lowered to 20 meters

-Force Armnor 1 / 2 Param moved from .08 to .10 (Param is cost in force to reduce damage)

-Dervish 1/2 Phantom Frenzy Flurry 1/2 From best to worst on state chance and Duration now Flurry 1 Flurry 2 Frenzy Phantom Dervish 1 Dervish 2

First pass people so more adjustment in future

Patch Notes, 10/26/2019

force choke disease has returned

regain cons now has a 1 hoour cooldown

combat medic bounty hunters..the tribe has spoken. throwing poisons at your mark and having immunity from attack is over. thou hast been warned =p

Restart your launchers

Patch Notes 10/19/2019

Fixed Mando Leg Schematic Drop

Fixed Halloween Loot

Added Decoration Trophies

Added Bone Component to Scythe

Added 6th Generation Lightsaber Schematic to Bloodfin

Added Infinity Rifle to Bloodfin

Added Infinity Mace to Bloodfin

Korriban is now live

Sith Emperor Ragnos now live on Korriban

Transport to Korriban outside Cnet, Theed, Mos Eisley

Sith Ghost Halloween Event now live

Patch 10/11/2019

Added Agripa Bracelets to Sher Kar

Patch Notes 10/3/2019

Fixed Raptor Babies

Droid Factory Enabled

Patch Notes 10/2/2019

Added Tameable Raptor Spawn

Fixed Droid Factory Teleport Cell Number

Modified Lightning mod for PvP Reduction

Patch Notes 9/21/19

Adjusted CH Ring Stats

Fixed CH Necklace & Adjusted Stats

Lowered trash mob level Avatar

Increased timer on spawns trash mobs in Avatar

Added Named Crystals to HK-47 Loot Group

Droid Factory Mobs Added

Updated Memorial outside Cnet

Added Peaches Belt to Avatar Boss Loot

Patch Notes 9/19/2019

Force Lightning dmg increased vs PVE Mobs

Force Lightning in pvp, slight dmg reduction

Gorax CH Pets

HK47 Makes his return

Patch Notes 9/16/2019

added more Peko Peko Spawns Naboo

added more Gorax Spawns Endor

fixed junk loot to now include Bloodfin Coins

adjusted Acklay spawn timer again

adjusted FC on lightning

moved Hand Spawn from New Aldera to Restuss

added Poison to Force Choke

Droid Boss returns to Echo Base his vacation has been revoked

Patch Notes 9/14/2019

AM patch..

Defender tweak

PM Patch..

Added Stats to Interplanetary Survey Droids

(the stats will show up in the mail, which you can then save, and upload the mail to Galaxy Harvester)

(code reworked from RougeOne)

Patch Notes 9/13/2019

Force Lightning Damage Increase / and force cost

Force weaken nerfed (duration shortened and slightly reduced)

Force Choke now has disease tick

Force Cloak goes away now in combat when taking damage (Master Ranger Cloak as well)

Jedi Defender are now a true tank (dont try to wear armor, your damage will be increased by factor of 1000)

Force heals using to much force has been lowered

Patch notes 9/7/2019

Bumped stats on New Jedi Robes

Patch Notes 9/5/2019

Added tier levels to player Bounty Reward

Patch Notes 9/4/2019

Added loot item to Player Bounty

Aug 27, 2019

-Permafrost Crystal to replace Vergence Crystal. You will have to exchange your Vergence crystals for Permafrost Crystals with a Staff Member. Submit a ticket to do an equal exchange. (ex.. 3 Vergence for 3 Permafrost)

-New loot groups that are on bosses in Avatar have the chance of dropping the following…

-Weapon Schematics

GEO Rifle Schematic

GEO Carbine Schematic

Rebel Pistol Schematic

Rifle J1 Schematic

-Backpack Schematics

S07 Backpack Schematic

Sandtrooper Backpack Schematic

Rebel Endor Backpack Schematic

-Buffing Rings

Doc Bands

T1 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T2 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T3 Imp Doc Band – PVP

T1 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T2 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T3 Reb Doc Band – PVP

T1 Doc Band – PVE

T2 Doc Band – PVE

T3 Doc Band – PVE

Ent Bands

T1 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T2 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T3 Ent Imp Band – PVP

T1 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T2 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T3 Reb Imp Band – PVP

T1 Ent Band – PVE

T2 Ent Band – PVE

T3 Ent Band – PVE

Jedi Robes

Revan Robes

GCW Rebel Jacket

GCW Imperial Jacket

Starforge Robes

Atris Robe

Jedi Armor Chest 2

Jedi Armor Chest

Jedi Belt


-New Loot Group to Banshee Boss has chance to drop the following…


Roses Crossbow


Darth Vader Statuette

Painting Jedi Crest

Painting Darth Vader

Medical Table

Princess Lea Statuette

Painting Jedi Forms

Drink Dispenser

-Toon Fun Assesories

Wings Blue

Wings Pink

Wings Gold

-Minstyngars make their return

-Acklay Timer now set at 1hr

-Sher Kar makes return

-Crystal and Pearl Tuning fixed

-Kashyyk Cloner now in Kachiro – you MUST store clone dada there for it to work -readded missing paintings

-NEW Vet Rewards Vendor in Corellia. (all vet rewards not currently obtainable by other vendors / drops can be found on him. NO resource deeds, or Anti decay kits)

-Naboo structures can now be placed on Kashyyyk (not gardens)

Aug 24, 2019

Mobs now in Nova Orion

Mobs now in Avatar

Added Player Bounty System

Lowered City Maintenance

Removed broken painting from Obi-Wan Welcomer

Fixed Twilek hats to be worn by both male / female toons

Added colors to the following armor


-clone trooper (Imperial, Neutral, Rebel)

-Rebel Assault

-Rebel Snow

-Singing Mountain Clan



-Zam Wesell

Aug 16, 2019

Injection of Dungeons..

Nova Orion (No mobs to kill yet)

Avatar (No mobs to kill yet)

added No Build zone around Thiel

added Nightsister Elders to Thiel Encounter

fixed 2 bosses on ISD

Aug 12, 2019

Mission Terminals will now show Level you can choose

Mission Terminals will now show Name of Mob to kill

Multiple Holo Costumes package added to Echo Base Mob

Removed Group Teleport from instances

Force Choke Removed from NPC Mobs

Emperor Hand XP Removed (GCW XP)

Injection of the following dungeons




(These are not available yet for killing mobs, within 24 hrs they will be.)

*Thank you to Tarkins-Revenge, and Legend of Hondo for base code for missions, with tweaking they now work on Bloodfin*

Aug 7, 2019

Dungeon Injections Began

Dungeons now live are

Axkva Min

IG – 88

Force Choke has been reduced

Aug 4, 2019

PvP Death Kill Broadcast

Disabled PvP Endor Zone

July 29, 2019 Missing Tre Files

Here are missin tre files again for those who need them. Exit all game clients. Download. Unzip. Put into your Bloodfin folder. Hit yes to overwrite if it wants you too.

July 19, 2019 Soft Launch of Bloodfin Phoenix