The server cost is $217.00 a month

The Website / Launcher is 100.00 a month

Total for monthly fees to run Bloodfin $317.00

Introducing the Bloodfin Donation Vendor in Game. We all thank you for your donation!

For every $10 you donate, you will get an in game gift of the Bloodfin Donation Gift. Please be sure to specify which Character you would like your gift on in the notes of Paypal. You do NOT need to be online to receive the gift.

The vendor is ONLY up for a limited time each month, and the items will not always be the same, they will rotate.

1 Donator Token will award you 3 Rare Paintings

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

2 Donator Tokens will award you with the Terminal Package.

Included in the package are a Bank, Guild, Bounty Hunter, Mission, Artisan, and Entertainer Terminals. They are PLACEABLE inside your house / guild hall. The Bank terminal can be used from your inventory.

3 Donator Tokens will award you ONE of the following

Imperial ITV

Alliance ITV

Dungeon ITV

or 50 Bloodfin Coins

4 Donator Tokens

3 Elite Harvester Deeds PLUS 3 Self Powered Deeds

You can get all 3 plus the deeds, OR you can get 3 of each kind plus the deeds. (if you prefer just 1 kind of harvester then you can get 3 of those)

6 Donator Tokens

Character Respec Ticket – You will be able to use your ticket for a complete character respec, including Jedi

Thank You All

Donate by clicking the PayPal above
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