Welcome to the Official Bloodfin Emu Server


Want to join Bloodfin, but do not have a Lifetime Free Account yet? NO problem, please email us at Accounts@Bloodfin.net be sure to include your desired username and password and one of our Staff Members will get you all squared away so you can begin your adventure on Bloodfin. You will get a response once your account is all set up and authorized within 24 hrs if not way sooner.

Guild leaders/city mayors can request an additional account strictly for guild/city use (i.e. entertainers and doctors); as above, please send requests to Accounts@Bloodfin.net


After you have sent in your email for you account, you can then Download the Official Launcher of Bloodfin below.

Game Client

If you you do NOT have Star Wars Galaxies Installed and/or dont have an original disk, you can click the picture below. The Download will begin automatically.

Want to keep your profiles and existing mods

If you have already been playing on Bloodfin you will likely want to migrate any profile data (UI / hotbars, etc) and mods over to the installation created by the launcher. This is easy.
Navigate to wherever your preexisting Bloodfin installation is located in Windows Explorer. You should see something that looks like this:

You will need to copy the profiles folder from it’s existing location and place it where the launcher has downloaded the Emu files. For example, if the launcher placed the Emu files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloodfin.Net\Emu, you will want to copy your profiles folder there.
The same will need to be done for any mods (texture packs, etc) that you have installed.
Migrate an existing installation to avoid downloading the Bloodfin data again (Advanced, not recommended)
If you absolutely must migrate your preexisting installation so as to avoid downloading the Bloodfin data again, follow these instruction. NOTE: This is not recommended and we cannot provide a ton of support for this.
If you have a decent internet connection and can afford to download 2Gb of data, we highly recommend performing a normal installation and then following the instructions to migrate your profiles, mods, etc.
Once the launcher has been installed, do not hit Install. Simply close the launcher.
You will need to copy ALL of the data from your prexisting Bloodfin installation to the Emu folder that the launcher would have downloaded to. For example, if you installed the launcher to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloodfin.Net, you will need manually create the Emu folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloodfin.Net\Emu)
Navigate to wherever you have a preexisting Bloodfin installation in Windows Explorer. You should have a bunch of .tre files, Bloodfin.exe, etc.

Copy ALL OF THE DATA IN THAT FOLDER into the Emu folder you created in Step 2.
Launch the launcher and hit Install. It should verify all the data in the Emu folder.
If the launcher errors out, or complains about something, we highly suggest uninstalling the launcher completely, allowing the uninstaller to remove all Bloodfin data, and reinstalling. Again, this is not a recommended method for installation as we have no idea what you are copying / moving into the Emu folder and supporting the plethora of things that may go wrong is impossible.

Attention Guild Leaders….. Guild Masters can apply for a Guild account. This account can have 2 characters your Ent and Doc. Any other toons on the account will be banned with no access to them, or anything they may have owned. You must provide who will have access to these accounts so when IP checks are done we know they are allowed access to it. This also protects you as a Guild in case someone gets access to the account that should not have it.

site still being updated, information can change at anytime.

keep checking back for updates